Gradually transforming from a gentle little melody into a mechanical behemoth, this piece is somewhat symbolic of nature being replaced with factories and machinery. The main instrumentation progressively changes until eventually it becomes a hybrid of natural and artificial sounds which work together in harmony.

Partly inspired by the Einbroch theme, from Ragnarok Online.

If downloading in FLAC format, be aware it's a high-quality recording weighing just under 100MB!

This piece was originally composed quite a few years ago, but was lost. It has been entirely re-constructed based on a handful of excerpts that I had sent to my friend Tom Byrne - whom I am extremely grateful to for keeping hold of these excerpts.

A little background information:

Some time around 2003, I recorded the sound of boats in a harbour on a windy day. Listening to the recording later, I noticed two distinct notes could be heard in the wind. These were originally accompanied by other instruments to form the introduction of this piece. You can hear the harbour wind sound at the end of this version.

Perhaps the main feature of this piece is the distorted violin, which produces a slightly un-natural, gritty sound. This was chosen after seeing someone putting distortion effect on a real violin - which sounded a little unusual. So I wanted to see what I could accomplish with that.

Sound Sample Credits

The following sounds from Freesound were used:

The above sounds are available under the Creative Commons Attribution License (


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